Dr. Sarmast winner of Third Annual Charles Ansbacher Music For All Award in Boston, MA


The Afghanistan National Institute of Music (ANIM) is honored and privileged to announce that founder and director Dr. Ahmad Sarmast has been selected by the Free for All Concert Fund to receive the Third Annual Charles Ansbacher Music for All Award.  Dr. Sarmast received this prestigious award at the Annual Reconciliation Concert on July 16, 2014 in Boston, MA in recognition of his admirable achievements as founder of ANIM as well as his tireless dedication to ensuring the musical rights of Afghan children and youth.

The Charles Ansbacher Awards represents the late Maestro Ansbacher’s enduring legacy as a promoter of music and a pioneer in bringing free, high-quality music to underprivileged communities worldwide.  The award in Maestro Ansbacher’s name recognizes an individual in the field of music who has faced all odds to bring music and music education to disadvantaged people in underserved communities.  Dr. Sarmast’s work at the Afghanistan National Institute of Music clearly demonstrates his belief in the power of music in bringing about social changes and transforming the lives of young people in a war-torn nation.