Afghanistan National Institute for Music (ANIM)


The Ministry of Education of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in conjunction with the Monash Asia Institute, Monash University Australia and the National College of Music, London with the support of the World Bank, British Council German Foreign Office, Goethe Institute, Embassies of the USA, Finland, Canada, Denmark, India, the Netherlands, and Germany and several professional academic music organisations, as well as manufacturers of musical instruments, has initiated the establishing of Afghanistan National Institute of Music, the first and the only college of music in Afghanistan. Since its inauguration on June 20, 2010, ANIM has achieved a great deal, thanks to the thorough support of the Ministry of Education of which it is a part; the backing of international donors including the World Bank, and the leadership of Dr. Ahmad Sarmast; the commitment and dedication of an Afghan and expatriate faculty; and above all, the hard work and discipline of the girls and boys studying at ANIM.


From its conception to its present state in 2013, ANIM has made significant achievements in student enrollment, training, and development.  The number of girls enrolled has increased from 1 to 55, and nearly 50% of students are from economically disadvantaged families.  ANIM developed an infrastructure that included sound-proofed practice rooms, a computer lab, music library, instrument storage, rehearsal spaces, and classrooms and procured a collection of both traditional and Western classical musical instruments.  These facilities will soon be complemented in the next few months by a rehearsal building, concert hall, and a residence hall for 200 girls.  A team of expatriate faculty members was brought in to teach students and train local teachers in music performance and music pedagogy and to contribute to the development of ANIM’s curriculum and programs including the development ofAfghanistan’s first Youth Orchestra.

ANIM has developed outreach programs with theKabulBlindSchool, Aschiana (an NGO catering to the educational needs of street-working vendors), and the Afghan Child Education and Care Organization (AFCECO).  Additionally, ANIM has initiated theAfghanistanWinterMusicAcademy, an annual international music festival combining music education and performance.   TheWinterMusicAcademyinvites professional music educators from around the world to work with students and perform in concerts for the local and international communities.  This year ANIM successfully completed the thirdWinterAcademyand is currently in the process of preparing for the fourth Academy.

Through its fundraising and visibility in the community, ANIM has generated sponsorship to contribute to the professional development of students including study abroad programs with world-renowned music conservatories, participation in international music competitions and festivals, and international tours including the 2013 tour to the United States of America in which ANIM’s ensembles performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., World

Bank, Carnegie Hall inNew York City, and the New England Conservatory of Music inBoston,MA.  This historic tour to theUnited Stateswas preceded by several tours of ANIM students and faculty participating in international music festivals and competitions such as the Shaq Taranalare Music Festival inUzbekistan, Safar Tour inGermany, Golden Key International Piano Competition inGermany, and the GLOMUS International Music Festival inTanzania.  In the coming years, ANIM has invitations to tourEstonia,Poland,South Korea,Belgium, andOman.

Mission & Vision

ANIM is Afghanistan’s first institute of music where talented Afghan children regardless of their gender, social circumstances and ethnic background are trained in Afghan traditional and Western classical music, while obtaining high quality academic or core education.  ANIM has a special focus on supporting the most disadvantaged group in Afghan society – the orphans and street working kids to attain a vocation that will allow them to reach their full potential, while contributing to their social and economic status as well as their emotional healing. Integral to our music program is a high quality academic education ensuring that our students are able to achieve at the highest level nationally and internationally as musicians, music educators, academics and specialists.  ANIM is committed to providing a dynamic, challenging and safe learning environment for all students. Through the provision of an internationally-accredited curriculum our graduates will have the skills, creative vision and confidence to contribute to the artistic, social and cultural life of Afghanistan, and the rebuilding and revival of Afghan music traditions.

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